embrace it.

Inspired by those that brag about rest days instead of “epic” adventures, this week I’m leaning hard into it and taking a quick Makoism #restdaybrag.

I’ll be back next week and to hold you over until then here are the top 5 newsletters and writing from the last 12 months.

See you next week on the flip side; well rested.

A Personal Board of Directors
A few weeks back, I posted on LinkedIn an idea that seemed to click. The post was about the concept of creating a personal board of directors: I find tremendous value in having a “personal board of directors”. Cultivate a trusted circle of former or current colleagues, advisors, networkers, and even a critic or two that you can bounce ideas …
The Bucket
Disclaimer: I’m feeling saucy today … Something that I have spent a lot of time this year has been enforcing simple boundaries. Learning how to say ‘no’ (and not in any type of jerky way) — has become an important superpower for my own sanity. I’d recommend if you are a manager of a team or group, you may want to consider helping them enforce bound…
Personal Mission Statement
This past week, Apple posted a tribute to Steve Jobs to commemorate the 10th anniversary of his passing. It's been a while, but I remember watching the original interview he gave back in 1995, and the impact that this wisdom had on me: Life can be much broader once you discover one simple fact: Everything around you that you cal…
2021 EDC
Every year I do a write-up on “things I like” which has a look at apps that I use on a day to day basis, my general workflow on processing email and work items, and most importantly - my Everyday Carry (EDC). It's been about a year since I have gone through it, and finally got around to making some refinements - notably going with USB-C for all of my ch…

And of course, last year’s annual review which is getting a (spoiler) major overhaul for 2021.

Mako “Things I Like”: 2020
Here it is folks - the sixth annual end of year report: The 2020 guide to “things that I like”. It’s an ongoing attempt to keep track of things/apps/processes that I have found useful in surrounding myself with, an ongoing attempt to maximize my daily workflow and put me in the ‘zone’. Like everyone else, this year has taken a wild and unseen turn over t…

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