2021 EDC

The annual "clean up my cable bag" exercise

Every year I do a write-up on “things I like” which has a look at apps that I use on a day to day basis, my general workflow on processing email and work items, and most importantly - my Everyday Carry (EDC).

It's been about a year since I have gone through it, and finally got around to making some refinements - notably going with USB-C for all of my charging needs across all devices. The goal was to be able to charge any device, get smaller and more durable cables, and make the whole package incredibly light.

I’m pretty happy with what I ended up with:

2021 EDC Essentials

Here’s the shopping list:

Not shown that's also with me:

  • Tom Bihn Ballistic Organizer — what I carry all this in (in my bag); however it looks like the Ballistic is out of stock, with production starting soon.
  • KardiaMobile 6L — one of the unfortunate realities for me these days, I need to carry an EKG reader with me. While the AppleWatch is great for a simple and quick 1-lead EKG, this amazing gum-stick sized device can do a medical grade 6-lead EKG that’s easily sharable with my doctors.
  • AirPods Pro — essential for 2021.
  • InCase Airpods Pro Case — really like the Woolenex case over the rubber ones that pick up all sorts of pocket lint. Works great with wireless charging as well.
  • Lochby Pocket Journal — amazing quality ultra portable field journal case. Also added this paracord keychain lanyard.
  • Field Notes Dot Grid Pitch Black — Dot Grid notebooks are superior, and Field Notes makes the best ones which fit beautifully in the Lochby.
  • Pete’s Pirate Life — Challenge Coin — yo ho yo ho.