This Train Don't Stop There Anymore

"I used to be the main express, all steam and whistles heading west. Picking up my pain from door to door, riding on the storyline, furnace burning overtime.. But this train don't stop there anymore."

the move

Sorry for the "abbreviated" update this week and the off-schedule post.

It's moving week: The family and I are heading out of Portland and back to Seattle. And it's been nothing short of a whirlwind of a week between packing, unpacking, boxes, and more boxes.

Without my usual commentary, I thought I would send over a few more interesting links that I read through the week. I just ran out of time with everything going on to do a deeper dive.

Please enjoy these, and next week we'll be back to our regularly scheduled programming.

I hope this finds you well!

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Here are a few of the articles and videos that resonated with me over the last week:

  • "How Seattle’s Scarecrow Video plans to share its vast library nationwide" - More
  • "The smart home is flailing as a concept—because it sucks" - More
  • "On Being ‘Strategic’" - More
  • "The Source of Motivation" - More
  • "Traumatizing Toilet (Rememories 1)" - More
  • "Anything Exciting Happen Today?" - More
  • "How does an 'Adventurer' earn enough money to make it their full-time job?" - More
  • "Tesla driver presses the wrong button and it cost his son $19,000" - More
  • "Don’t Just Declutter, De-own." - More
  • "Want to pretend to live on Mars? For a whole year? Apply now" - More
  • "This man stands outside the Tokyo Olympic Village every day to motivate athletes" - More
  • "Personal Computing On An Amiga In 2021" - More
  • "The Power of NO... And How to Say It" - More
  • "The Way I Heard It Was..." - More


I hope you are having a great summer and staying healthy! See you in a week.

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Jamie Larson