The Rot of Memory

“ I have been a voice with no body. A body, but not human. And now a memory made real. Who knows what I might be next?”


Hi again, I’m Steve Makofsky and this is a somewhat weekly list of interesting articles, books, podcasts, music and videos that I come across during the week that helps me grow my mind garden. I hope you enjoy it, find something new to think about, and share it with your friends.

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Wandavision was a super slow burn for many, but finally wrapped up a week ago. I enjoyed the overarching story and looking back now, it concluded with the only possible outcome. I know several folks who aren't as versed in the comics backstory and it was a hard watch for them being fans of the MCU. Wanda's grief was the villain of the show, and it nags at me that she mentally tortured a town of people - I hope this is addressed in later films.

The pinnacle moment for me was the battle of Spectral Vision and Hex Vision. The metaphysical debate regard the The Ship of Theseus was something unexpected, yet deeply true to the nature of that character.

I don't know why; but this one scene I've watched over and over. I went down several rabbit holes on the Internet: reading, listening to talks and researching the Greek thought experiment around theory of identity: what makes X "X".

It consumed way to much of me questioning "me" this entire week.

Disney+ also just released a great behind-the-scenes special if interested in killing time before the premier of The Falcon and The Winter Solider, next week.

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Forward Thinking

The Amphicar is an amphibious automobile which was launched at the 1961 New York Auto Show. From reports, "It's not a good car and it's not a good boat", had around 3,900 units sold until its production stopped in 1965. Lyndon B Johnson owned one, and being the joker he's known for would "drive down a steep incline toward the lake, pretend to lose control, and then yell, "The brakes don't work! We're going in! We're going under!" The car would splash into the lake, and as everyone else was screaming, Johnson would be doubled over laughing."


Latest obsession


This week's latest obsession is groundwork organic coffee. Starting 30 years ago in Venice Beach, they've expanded to two roasters in Los Angeles and in Portland. I stumbled across them early in the week on a random trip to Zupans, and have been enjoying their Bitches Brew blend (with hints of dark chocolate and salted caramel).

Highly recommended for your morning espresso or americano.

Here's a few of the articles and videos that resonated with me over the last week:

  • My social feed in 2021 is much better off having it filled with Oprah's interview with Harry and Meghan Markle. But the real news is about those patio chairs designed by 'Brady Bunch' actor Christopher Knight in Patio chairs at center of Oprah's Meghan and Harry interview- More
  • Because summer is coming, and why not 'A Brief History of Ketchup and Mustard- More
  • Tech's pandemic reckoning provides a look at the pro's and con's that have played out with big tech over the last 12 months - More
  • When, where, and how far will birds migrate? Find out with bird migration forecasts in real-time- More
  • We've all read stories of the struggles small businesses have had during the pandemic, here's one that shows how one man, turned a global disaster into a business plan in 'He put it all on the line opening his butcher shop a year ago. Then the pandemic hit'- More
  • A great reminder to lens in on speed - how 'Speed is the killer feature' and a huge differentiator before you weight down your product in feature bloat - More
  • 'Do You Know What Kills More Dreams Than Failure?'- More
  • I don't want to spoil this wonderful read of a 98-year-old British veteran and a golden engagement ring that is told in 'How a ring tells the story of a forgotten secret agent'- More
  • It's a story of a tree and it's sap 'How real Vermont maple syrup is made'- More
  • File under "no shit", but E-mail Is Making Us Miserable- More


Here’s an extended version of the final battle from WandaVision.