The Abyss (Special Edition)

She didn’t leave me. She just left me behind.

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The Abyss (Special Edition) is James Cameron's 1989 film about an undersea oil-rig diving team who are called on to assist in the recovery of a lost nuclear submarine and find themselves encountering an alien aquatic species.

When I talk about the film, I have to continuously refer to the film's "special edition" - what was released into theaters due to fear of a film over 2 hours, had almost 30 minutes chopped out of the story. It was a complete mess. But when you watch the restored original version clocking in at 171 minutes (which has additional character arcs, a 'humanity on trial' ending), restores the true story: an exploration of humanity and love.

Do yourself a favor though, check out the special edition. Avoid the theatrical cut.

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While the subscription box isn't a new idea, the oddness of 2020 has popped up a new genre of 'at home mystery boxes'; a serial, ongoing puzzle/mystery that tries to dive into immersive gameplay. As described: 'When you play, you have to question: is this real? Is this not real? Drawing a line to familiar tales that plant breadcrumbs from reality to fabulous findings: We're right there watching Indiana Jones and National Treasure and The Goonies, and that's the feeling we want our players to have—an adventure.'. Think of it as a escape-room monthly mystery experience for your home - More

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