Streets of Fire

Looks like I finally ran into someone that likes to play as rough as I do.


I've heard this movie called "the best movie you never saw", 1984's Streets of Fire. stars Michael Paré, Rick Moranis, Willem Dafoe and a then 19-year old Diane Lane. Described as "A Rock & Roll Fable", it's a bizarre mix of mid-1980's pulp inter-twined with a retro-1950's look and feel; it's the story of a mercenary is hired to rescue his ex-girlfriend, a singer who has been kidnapped by a motorcycle gang.

This week I needed mindless-retro-brain-candy to watch. Streets of Fire nailed it; on one hand, it's an over the top terrible movie with terrible dialog; Yet at the same time one of the coolest movies with catchy tunes you'll see. You'll remember the hit song "I Can Dream About You" - it's from this movie.

Director Walter Hill described that he wanted to make the perfect movie for him as a teenager "incorporating custom cars, kissing in the rain, neon, trains in the night, high-speed pursuit, rumbles, rock stars, motorcycles, jokes in tough situations, leather jackets and questions of honor.".

Nailed it.

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End Thoughts

Well! Looks like I finally found someone who likes to play as rough as I do.

Yeah, this must be your lucky night.

I’m lucky? I guess maybe I am. And you’re dumb — real dumb if you think you can pull this off.

I think you’re forgetting somethin’ — I got the gun.

I can get guns, smart guy, lots of ’em. Now why don’t you tell me your name?

Tom Cody. Pleased to meet ya.

I’ll be comin’ for her. And I’ll be comin’ for you, too.

Sure you will. And I’ll be waiting.