Fury Road

Oh what a day! What a lovely day!

This is a semi-whenever list of interesting articles, podcasts and videos that I come across during the week. Hope you enjoy it, have something new to think about, and share it with your friends.

Yesterday marked the 5 year anniversary of the film Mad Max: Fury Road and this past week, the New York Times recently chatted with the cast, and George Miller is also now finally talking about a prequel.

Truth be told, despite my friends telling me how good of a movie it was, it did take me almost 4+ years to finally watch it late last fall. It was one of those movies that always seemed to get pushed to the bottom of the watch list.

It ended up that this wasn't a movie that you just watched - you rock out to it. It's intense, from the crazy framing and editing to the sound. Scratch that - it's a complete audio/visual frenzy. But more importantly, it also tells a brilliant story about empowerment and redemption. And those things, in 2020, are needed more than ever.

(Also - if you haven't seen the EPIC "black and chrome" edition - you're missing something really special)

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While The Last Dance is still on my quarantine watch list, M.G. Siegler nails it again on "tough love" leadership and why being an asshole isn't a requirement to be a great leader: "it doesn’t change the fact that not only are there other ways to tease such greatness out of people — different people require different methods." - More

Seth Godin also has a great quick read on leadership and building bridges and tunnels - More

As someone who is trying to multi-task through the day of Zoom meetings and getting stuff done, I now want to research the Pomodoro style of sprints to my work day. A 45-minute "mono task" sessions sounds amazing right now - More

I rewatched one of my favorite TED Talks on "The Art of Misdirection" from Apollo Robbins. The talk highlights "flaws in our perception", which seems more appropriate than ever in 2020 - Watch

As I've struggled with finding better balance in my life, "the art of letting go" has been incredibly helpful. It's not just about letting go of physical things, but rather the full gamut of releasing old goals, expectations, people, the illusion of control, etc. that tie us down and prevent one from moving onwards. - More

The deep, deep sea - it's one of the last unknown regions on Earth and the explorers who are voyaging into the unknown - More

One of the most fascinating pieces I've read in the last few weeks tells the story of a real 'Lord of the Flies' incident around what happened when 6 boys were shipwrecked for 15 months; and it goes very different than in the book - More

Very excited to start reading Michael Lopp's "The Art of Leadership: Small Things, Done Well" - Read

Been a long time fan of Jesse Thomas, who has now retired from triathlon in a great retrospective post and where he's going to be spending his time now being CEO of Picky Bars - More

A grim look at the mental health issues that Facebook moderators are developing; it's truly a sad and grim look at the dark side of social media and the PTSD that is developing - More

Another great read this week on Marcus Hutchins and his role in stopping the Wannacry cryptoworm - More

While you're in lockdown, here's a review of great socks to be wearing - More

GitLab had a great post around the disruption of the business world, and that it's time to focus on family and friends first, work second - More

My family is obsessed with every season of Survivor, which is why this article around "The Paranoid Style in American Entertainment" caught my eye. The stark reality is that with enough footage, anything can be turned into "reality" - More

A few months ago, I wrote about the GoRuck Shemagh (which is still one of my favorite accessories). More reading on how the Shemagh is one of the best things to have on your travels (when one is able to travel again) - More

Finally, 2 great new podcasts this week:

  • Winds of Change (and how the CIA was involved in the writing of the Scopions' Wind of Change) - Listen
  • Dithering - A new podcast from Ben Thompson and John Gruber. Three episodes per week, 15 minutes per episode. Not a minute less, not a minute more. Listen

End Thoughts

My name is Max. My world is reduced to a single instinct: Survive. As the world fell it was hard to know who was more crazy. Me... Or everyone else.

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