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An Experiment


Part organizational, part experiment, I thought I would go ahead and start posts every few weeks that contained interesting content that I find from around the Internet. My goal is not to create another newsletter for people to subscribe to (don’t we all have subscription fatigue?) but rather a place for me to curate some interesting topics and be able to easily share them out with anyone who finds this stuff interesting.

While I thought my Pocket archives would serve that purpose — it just turns out that not that many folks use the service (it is a great “read it later” service if you haven’t checked it out). So here I am going to try to use Substack as a place to curate the links from Medium posts.

If you want to directly join me on this journey, you can go directly here and have this delivered to your mailbox.

For the initial batch of links, I’m going to just clear out the backlog of several posts I’ve been hoarding so I can move forward with some form of normal cadence.

  • Apple Watch and a Paradigm Shift in Computing. I know it seems a way off, but I truly believe the future of “personal area networks” involves devices like the Apple Watch taking a much deeper role in one’s general computing tasks.
  • A brilliant take on the usage of “out of office” emails in order to take control of your inbox. “Our inbox works for us — not the other way around.” Perspective: Out of office
  • Focused, Not Busy As usual, The Minimalists have a great opinion piece that in the world of technology that we live in, everyone is constantly multitasking and dares to ask “It is not enough to be busy. The question is: what are we focused on?
  • The Key to Finding Happiness: Stop Trying to Be Happy Another great read on the eternal search for happiness with a simple message — “Happiness is not the same as positivity”.
  • One area that I keep rolling around with is the concept of “control”, and how much of life is dealing with things that you can’t control. In Focus on What You Can Control, the author dives into 3 things that you can control daily: Your attitude, your effort, and your actions.
  • And lastly, adjusting my workflow is a constant work in progress for me. Productivity Tips

Hopefully you’ll enjoy these deep links!

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