Country Roads, Take Me Home

To the place I belong...

Still experimenting a bit with the format as this evolves, and would love any feedback to hear if these finds are useful or thought provoking. I certainly don’t want to waste people’s time, just passing along things I find interesting.

From the “oldies but goodies”, a look a what you could buy with the entire worlds net worth of $241 trillion. More

A look at forgiveness and the mental health benefits of not carrying around a pile of resentment with you. However, always remember — “forgiving doesn’t necessarily mean forgetting”. More

I’ve always joked that the weakest link in my home security is my family; Even scarier when the new attack surface is you. Watch

“Don’t think too much about your life after dinnertime.” — some interesting advice on dealing with problems in the daylight. More

The Mandalorian still continues to surprise and amaze me. Instead of using traditional blue and green screens for special effects, they used rear-projection on “a dynamic, real-time, photo-real background played back on a massive LED video wall and ceiling” all based on the Unreal game engine. More

Quick read on paradigm shifts and the most dangerous words in technology — “we have always done it this way”. More

Still keeping my eyes (or ears, in this case) on podcasting; I think there’s an ever growing place for this. Staples is opening up podcasting “studios” in their stores in Boston as an experiment. More

One of my favorite TED Talks, JJ Abrams on “The mystery box”. Watch

A sobering look at laying out human lifespan visually. More

Closing Thoughts

I hear her voice, in the morning hour she calls me
The radio reminds me of my home far away
Driving down the road, I get a feeling
That I should have been home yesterday, yesterday
Country roads, take me home
To the place I belong
West Virginia, mountain mama
Take me home, country roads