Almost Famous

“The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what you share with someone else when you’re uncool."

This is a semi-whenever list of interesting articles, podcasts and videos that I come across during the week. Hope you enjoy it, have something new to think about, and share it with your friends.

Team culture vs company culture vs organizational structure — which one wins? As someone who has believed in the power of teams, it’s often swimming upstream when it comes to effecting company culture; some places it works and it others, the body rejects the organ — More

While everyone is thinking that Direct to Consumer is a “new” thing, an unpopular (but probably dead on) take is that “DTC is just a sales channel, and it should be treated as such.” — More

I love the idea of small daily challenges and the concept of “dont break the chain”; right now I’m on a 5 year “streak” of keeping my commonplace journal up to date. With the 30 and 31-day challenges, just “do the work every day. Fill the boxes.” — More and More

While many tout the benefits on how AI will change the landscape of work, there’s already human-based biases that are finding their way into automated tools; and without understanding that, the potential of what these systems can do can be incredibly damaging — More

On the COVID-19 front:

  • Interesting views on how this will effect society — More
  • How it will effect the concept of remote “work” — More
  • The most insightful and scary read on the virus is that “never before in human history has it been so easy to do so much without going anywhere.” You already live in quarantine. — More

As someone who discovered running, which lead into triathlon, I can clearly point to exercise and getting in shape as something that saved my life when I had a heart attack last year. This is a compelling read about some things that the author wish he knew when starting running 20 years ago. — More

Not agile. Not waterfall. The BaseCamp team has a super interesting reading about “shaping” work. The concept is around taking abstract project ideas and define key elements of the solution before even starting work. — More

Closing Thoughts

Turning back she just laughs
The boulevard is not that bad
Piano man he makes his stand
In the auditorium
Looking on she sings the songs
The words she knows, the tune she hums


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Jamie Larson