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Feels so good tonight, who cares about tomorrow

This is a semi-whenever list of interesting articles, podcasts and videos that I come across during the week. Hope you enjoy it, have something new to think about, and share it with your friends.

To be honest, it was another Another hard week filled with long Zoom meetings and little free time to get some time for personal reflection and good habits. I’ve definitely fallen on the side of indulgence and put on a few pounds already, something that I’m taking immediate action to fix. Effective this past Thursday, I’ve gone back to a strict “no inflammatory” lifestyle again (no gluten, no dairy, etc), and I am already feeling better. Now it’s time to undo the rest of the weight-gain damage I’ve done over the last month. :)

In these times, it’s important to also reflecting back on the tao of Agent Dale Cooper:

Every day, once a day, give yourself a present. Don’t plan it, don’t wait for it, just let it happen. It could be a new shirt at the men’s store, a catnap in your office chair or two cups of good hot black coffee.

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Years ago, I deployed a “DNS Black Hole” on my at home network to block ads; I highly recommend checking out The PiHole if you’re looking for an ‘at home’ project. Not only will it save you bandwidth at home (20% of my traffic is “ads” that are now blocked) you’ll be safer online. Cloudflare has introduced new DNS resolvers this week called “ for Families”, for making simple DNS changes at home (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED). You can use (for no malware) and (for no malware or adult content) — More

Fascinating read around maps and the distortion of reality and abstractions that they create, which can tend to lead to misguided (or accelerated thinking) — More

On the home project list while stuck at home, been organizing, cleaning up and getting rid of tons of “objects”, especially in the kitchen — More

Pre-ordered Sarah Frier’s new book “No Filter” on the history of Instagram. This pre-read gives some fascinating inside details of Zuckerberg and how he held them back (as a side, they were acquired for $751m and now are worth $100 billon) — More

Ever wonder how jigsaw puzzles are made? I didn’t until I read this and it’s kinda beautiful — More

Bullet Journals are super interesting, and here’s a look at how they can be used in a variety of ways including helping your personal finances — More

I’m a huge fan of the “old” NASA ‘worm’ logo — and now it’s back — More

Due to the drop of pollution in India — this is the first time the Himalayas have been visible in 30 years — More

Microsoft buys to reduce namespace collision and hopefully stops some of the bad guys — More

Google is now using AI to fill into video and audio in low quality calls — More

A buyers guide to some better “working at home” headsets — More

I had my first heart doctor appointment this week as well over Zoom, and my doctor said the same thing — they’ve been asking for telemedicine for years, and we’ve had rapid change in just the last few weeks — More

The craziness of what happens on the open seas couldn’t have a better example of when a Venezuelan navy vessel sinks after ‘ramming a cruise ship’ — More

Recently, I bought a Shemagh from GoRuck because my neck/head was getting cold on early morning walks with the dog. Now with COVID, face coverings to combat the spread of germs is even more important, so here’s a guide on how to properly tie one — More

More on the COVID-19 Front:

  • The Three Equations for a Happy Life, Even During a Pandemic — More
  • I Love You All, But I Fucking Hate Zoom — More
  • The Asian Countries That Beat Covid-19 Have to Do It Again — More
  • Homes Actually Need to Be Practical Now — More
  • Stop Trying to Be Productive — More
  • Bill Gates Says Virus Death Toll May Not Reach Experts’ Worst Case — More

Closing Thoughts

Many years since I was here,
On the street I was passin’ my time away
To the left and to the right,
Buildings towering to the sky
It’s outta sight in the dead of night
Here I am, and in this city, with a fistful of dollars
And baby, you’d better believe
I’m back, back in the New York groove

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Jamie Larson